Who we are

DeCertify Michigan was founded by Robert Gelt January, 2022 as the marketing arm of a Ballot Initiative in Michigan. Robert Gelt is the sole owner of DeCertifyMI.com.

The petition drive ended May 31st, 2022 and Mr Gelt uses DeCertify Michigan and its website DeCertifyMI.com to promote conservative values and politics in Michigan and beyond.  Mr Gelt has a web-designer, they are the only two with access to emails and any personal data.  Mr Gelt will not sell or give away any data collected from this site, its newsletter or donations.  Email us at admin@deceritfymi.com with any questions.

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We do not share any of our partner or member email addresses, period.

We send out a periodic newsletter and collect individual, member and partner email addresses as people sign up to receive our updates and news. We do not solicit email addresses, we do not license, loan or sell any email addresses we receive. All personal information we receive is kept private and only the Webmaster and Robert Gelt ever have access to the information. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

It is easy to subscribe and unsubscribe to our newsletter. For any questions email us, admin@deceritfymi.com.


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Who we share your data with

Again, The Coalition simply does not share data with any other individiuals or organizations.

How long we retain your data

Member data is held on a different set of servers. Anytime you would like to discontinue receiving newsletters and other communications from The Coalition simply unsubscribe to the newsletter and your email address will be deleted from our systems.

Donation information

We are entirely funded by donations and public support. To make a donation or to support us in other ways kindly email us at admin@deceritfymi.com

In Conclusion

We are an organization educating our members because of the abundance of evidence we have that we, a collection of US Citizens and seated-elected officials, are calling for the DeCertification of the Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia and New Hampshire 2020 Presidential Elections. We are faith-based in that we believe all truth and justice is given by the One God who created all things through His Son, Jesus Christ. We believe in the law of love – that all the law and truth can be summarized by “Loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and loving our neighbor as ourselves.” And against such truth there can be no law.