Learn About the Fraud

Links to Various Articles and Media to Understand More about the Stolen 2020 Presidential Election:

Attorney Stephanie Lambert Michigan Lawsuit
– Atty. Lambert has filed suit on behalf of a township clerk – in their lawsuit they reveal that the Dominion machines were online during the election and they have evidence that files were being changed! Here is her interview with Joe Oltmann –
Click Here to Watch the Interview

This is the Affidavit from Ben Cotton who is a computer engineer and cyber security expert. In the Affidavit Mr Cotton explains much of what he found with regard to the nefarious activity on the Dominion Machines during the election:
Ben Cotton Affidavit

2000 Mules Interview of D’Souza – Dinesh D’Souza’s Gives an incredible interview about his 2000 Mules Documentary. He is explaining that there is just no chance that this was not fraud and criminal  –
GREAT Interview with Mr D’Souza

Jovan Pulitzer’s Report – If you want to be astonished watch Jovan Pulitzer reveal that hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots were injected into Maricopa Counties 2020 election. Truly Unbelievable!

Captain Seth Keshel’s Michigan Power Point Presentation of Evidence that Michigan is now a Red State. There is no way that Joe Biden won the 2020 Michigan Presidential Election.
BECC GrandRapidsMI

Robert Gelt reports on the 100+ townships throughout Michigan with Zero In Person Votes!? Impossible! AuditYourVote.com gives users the ability to search the Michigan SOS files to see if their vote counted in the 2020 Presidential Election.  Go to AuditYourVote.com to see if your vote counted!

Joel Oltmann expose on Dominion Machines at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium.  Mr Oltmann explains that the Dominion voting machines are not only suspect but in no way secure our elections.

Greg Phillips explains that arrests are starting to be made nationwide for the crimes that occurred throughout the 2020 Election. This is the very beginning of the restoration of President Trump to his office.