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by | Jul 24, 2022 | Recent News

by Robert Gelt

Evidence Updates Since 2000 Mules –

The movement, the nation, Election Integrity in general has totally and completely changed since the 2000 Mules documentary was released. A total DUMP of “absolute” proof 2020 Election was stolen from President Trump has been blanketing the nation over the past 60 days.  Here are some highlights of what has been revealed:

2000 Mules revealed Millions of ballots were fraudulently deposited in drop boxes all throughout the nation, in every state, in basically every major city of the US by thousands of “mules” who hand delivered them often 2 and 3 in the morning! (Great interview of Mr D’Souza – )

There has never been so much evidence proving that Dominion and other hardware suppliers for our US Elections are compromised and complicit in stealing elections. Tina Peters showed the nation that Dominion (specifically) wiped there hard-drives clean of all evidence of what transpired during the 2020 election, but she was able to save ALL DATA that was on those hard-drives prior to Dominion wiping those hard-drives clean. What her tech team found is that clearly the machines are online, someone is actively logged into those machines before, after and during the elections. Now the lawyer, Stephanie Lambert has a lawsuit against the state of Michigan with evidence adding to Tina Peters findings that the entire Voter Roll is stored on the hard-drives of the Dominion Machines. There is absolutely no purpose for those Voter Rolls to being stored on the Voting Machines, none whatsoever, unless someone is interested in stealing an election.  (Great Interview with Atty. Stephanie Lambert – )

Jovan Pulitzer finally released his findings of what was found with regard to the ballot images in Maricopa County.  It gets pretty technical but generally speaking Jovan P, with his proprietary auditing process, proved hundreds of thousands of ballots that were not ballots legally printed by the state of Arizona were found used to vote in Maricopa County during the 2020 Pres Election.  The Hundreds of Thousands of fake ballots in question came from where? Who printed them?  Who distributed them?  These findings evoke a myriad of questions and concerns, obviously. It is Jovan’s opinion that as we continue to look, we will find the same fraudulent and fake ballots littered throughout the US. (Link to watch his presentation – )

True the Vote is preparing to reveal evidence that is even more incriminating than what they helped to reveal in the 2000 Mules documentary. They have publicly said often, ‘We are preparing to reveal evidence that this election was stolen not only from within the US but also that various nations were actively involved. This was an international and domestic crime syndicate making sure President Trump did not stay in the White House’. We expect that new evidence to come to light very soon, they promised they would reveal their new shocking find this summer. (Interview with Gregg Phillips of True the Vote, )

Robert Gelt’s has found Incredible evidence of at least 100K votes not counted in the 2020 Election in Michigan according to the Secretary of State’s own files! (Watch this video to understand what and Gelt proved, )

Victories and Updates by State –

Arizona, Since Jovan Pulitzer’s big reveal about the fake ballots, there is a brand new push to DeCertify Arizona’s 2020 General Election. At least one Sheriff has been making arrests in partnership with True the Vote and the evidence of ballot stuffing they provide, specifically in Yuma.

Wisconsin, The State of Wisconsin has voted to GREATLY limit All Drop Boxes statewide, almost removing Drop Boxes altogether from Wisconsin. Since 2000 Mules and the completion of the famous Gableman report (Gableman is the Ex-Judge hired to investigate the 2020 General Election in Wisconsin) there is a lot of pressure on The Speaker of the House, Robin Vos to DeCertify the 2020 Election. There are various active investigations throughout Wisconsin at the county level.

Michigan, The best news in Michigan is probably the lawsuits filed by Attorney Stephanie Lambert on the behalf of her clients. She has several 2020 Election related lawsuits filed.  In one of her lawsuits she discloses that the Election Machines were clearly online before, after and during the 2020 Election and that the hard-drives of the Dominion Machines were littered with the complete Michigan State Voter Rolls.  The Legislators in Michigan, even though they are majority GOP, have almost completely steered away from investigating and/or fixing the 2020 Election.  Also, Robert Gelt with his and volunteer team are collecting affidavits and supporting investigations statewide. There was little support for a DeCertification Petition in Michigan from March to May 2022 – DeCertify Michigan ( was unable to garner the support it needed for the 340K+ signatures – many of the GOP adamantly rising up against the petition.

Pennsylvania, There was a tremendous ruling against the 2020 Election in Pennsylvania declaring that an estimated 40% of the ballots cast were illegal according to its constitution.  Pennsylvania remains litigating this issue of fraudulent ballots. Governor Candidate Doug Mastriano, who has been a huge proponent of 2020 Election Fraud throughout the entirety of his campaign, handily won the recent primary.  Mastriano continually promises to DeCertify the 2020 Election should he be elected and has remained campaigning on such promises to date.

Georgia, Might be the biggest mess in the nation because Election Fraud denier Gov Brian Kemp won the primary against Trump-endorsed Purdue. It has been proven over and again that Georgia had some of the worst fraud and crime in the nation and yet its Secretary of State, AG and Governor (Kemp) all refuse to look at the piles of evidence. Worse yet they have launched a political assault against President Trump, alleging that the President tampered with election results in Georgia (even though they already reported the President lost Georgia to Biden?) – they are doing everything they can to drag our President into another Kangaroo-Court to try him for election tampering.

Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, etc. Many states nationwide have been rebuking the “Fix Stolen 2020 Election” movement (and President Trump) by continuing to steal elections from those who are ready and willing to not only restore President Trump to his office but also prosecute the criminals involved with the worst political theft ever in our nation’s history. Joey Gilbert (NV), Tina Peters (CO) and Bobby Piton (IL) all allege their primaries were stolen – all three candidates have much in common: they were all winning in the polls, expected to win their primaries and ended up losing by massive margins that simply made no sense whatsoever. There have been identical allegations surrounding the Georgia Governor primary – Kandiss Taylor, for instance, had an estimated 80,000 person volunteer army statewide according to much data from her campaign and yet according to Georgia SOS, she received only about 40K votes? Simple logic would tell us that at a minimum her 80,000 person volunteer army would vote for her (Should mention here that Kandiss was by far the most outspoken 2020 Election Theft advocate among the Primary field).

Many states are responding to Election Integrity within their legislation, some states are firming up their elections while Democrat-led states (like Michigan, New York and California) are actually corrupting their election law worse than ever!? Election Integrity, The Big Steal and all politics pertaining to the fraudulent 2020 election remain the hottest topic nationwide in US politics. The movement to restore President Trump to the office with which he was elected in 2020, has been consistently gaining steam even with the Democrat party throughout the US doing everything they can to intimidate, incarcerate and criminalize all peoples involved with investigating the fraud and restoring the President: investigations, lawsuits, legislative actions continue nationwide and continue to gain momentum. We are truly living in historic times

In Conclusion –

Clearly there is much more going on nationwide than I have been able to share. This is a very good bird’s eye view of both the intensity of the battle and a quick view of some of our victories!

We have posted our best ideas for the grassroots to engage in securing our elections today.  If we take this county by county we can and will Save America!  Here is the link for grassroots efforts to securing our nations elections county by county:

There has never been a better time to join this (often grassroots) Patriotic, American Movement. The movement needs the unity of All True Americans worldwide in unity, shouting from the mountaintops, rooftops and townhalls, “Restore the elected President Trump to his office! Restore to him the 4-years We The People elected him to serve!”  As “We The People” unify behind the truth, as We The American People unify around Justice and our President, as we unify like never before for our nation – The Miracle will happen! Joe Biden will be removed from the White House, President Trump will be restored to the White House, the investigations will reveal just who did this to our nation and the criminals and traitors will publicly receive their judgment and sentencing.

There is much broken within our nation but fixing America begins with fixing our Elections.  Without free and fair elections, we have no more Republic, we have no more constitution, we have no more freedom, we have no more Red, White and Blue… but our nation is gone!  Repairing all that is broken in our country therefore begins with correcting all that is wrong with our elections.  There has never been a better time to get involved with the movement to Save America!  There has never been a better time in the history of America to become a true Patriot!  I believe with all my heart, The Best is yet to come!  I believe God is involved and that He is fighting for our nation!  The Best therefore is Yet to Come!!

God Bless you all reading this!

And God Bless America!!

Sincerely yours,

Robert Gelt

DeCertify Michigan





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