Why DeCertify?


We have been calling for FULL FORSENIC AUDITS for about a year now! We have hardly been heard. Arizona, thank God, did audit but then released a fully redacted report!? There were nearly no chain of custody records and those that they did have were broken.  Without a chain of custody how do we know where these ballots came from? The canvasses and voter verifications throughout Maricopa County and Arizona all revealed the same reality – THIS WAS PROBABLY THE WORST ELECTION IN US HISTORY! The Presidency was stolen from the duly elected President and his team.

All over the nation the evidence is overwhelming, in criminal cases prosecutors call this a “Preponderance of Evidence”.  Click through our links and articles to learn more. Documentaries (plural) are being released revealing much of what the American people have now proved!  Every day we have more and more “Absolute Proof” this election was stolen from the President and his team.  We are tired of being harassed by law enforcement.  We are tired of watching our friends suffer for doing nothing more than investigating this fraud and telling the truth. Enough is enough, it is time to DeCertify the 2020 Presidential Election and restore the President (Trump) to his rightful office.

Click through our website.  We have various links and articles, videos and other research to help you navigate to the clearest and most revealing of the evidence. Many of the people involved with this movement are Republican – but others are Libertarians, Democrats, Independents, unaffiliated, etc. We are not against the Party in the White House but against the election itself and those involved with stealing the Presidency from the duly elected President. We believe in the American people. We believe that our judges, our elected officials, our government but moreso the American people will honor the truth and enable justice – to keep America the “city on a hill” that we have so often been throughout history.

We are calling for the DeCertification of the following states’ elections for the 2020 Presidential race: Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia and New Hampshire. We are calling for the rightful President (Trump) and his cabinet to be restored to the office, immediately.  We are calling for President Trump to be restored to a full four-years in the White House starting this 2022 election cycle – January 2023 the duly elected President (Trump) will be inaugurated and January 2023 his staff and cabinet will be restored to the Executive Branch of the US Government to serve out the four year term to which they were already elected in 2020.