Securing Michigan and USA 2022 Elections

The movement to restore the 2020 Election continues. From the start we have been saying, “There will be no more free or fair elections without fixing 2020. Without free and fair elections there will be no more America.” We do have to secure our 2022 elections which are quickly coming up with Primaries in Michigan.  We have to keep an eye on 2020 as we also look towards the quickly coming elections. Below is The DeCertify Michigan Plan to secure our 2022 elections:

1. Create and Support County Level Election Fraud Investigations – In Michigan Counties three types of elected officials can legally start elections investigations: County Commissioners, Sheriff’s, County Clerks and Township Clerks. and the evidence True the Vote exposed in the documentary “2000 Mules” both are a good place to begin investigations into the broken 2020 General Election.  There are probably as many as ten good places to begin a formal investigation into Michigan’s election system: the “Qualified Voter File” (QVF) is completely corrupted, there are way too many people with access to our QVF, ERIC Systems, all the electronic components to our election must be investigated, etc.  (Click here to review the Michigan State MCL requiring Clerks to investigate fraudulent elections.)

2. Sworn Statements – There are literally thousands of sworn statements statewide that should be turned into law enforcement, County Commissioners, Sheriff’s and Clerks. If you have Audited Your Vote at and have discovered the records at the Michigan Secretary of States Office are incorrect, notarize a sworn statement and turn into law enforcement, your county commissioners or clerks. (Make sure to keep the original for yourself, we recommend you give copies to your election officials.) No matter what the Clerks and SOS tells you, they only have 7 days to update the QVF after an election per the MCL, Click here to review the Michigan State Constitution.

3. End All Relationships with Voting Machines – County Officials absolutely have the power to end any and all contracts with Election Machine Companies.  With very little extra work load the average township in Michigan can hand county the upcoming primary and general November election, with or without the machines.  We are calling on every township clerk to hand county the vote whether you also use a voter machine not. Michigan has no access to the software code and what is actually going on within those proprietary hardwares – therefore we can not verify whether or not these machines are doing the job they were intended.

4. Remove all Drop Boxes Statewide/Nationwide

5. End the Majority of Absentee Voting

6. DO NOT OUTSOURCE ANY COUNTING OF BALLOTS – all ballots counted by the clerks in the township they represent

7. Hand Count the Vote  – Even if the Township chooses to use the voter machines they must also hand count the vote to verify the results independently of those often faulty systems. In essence this hand counting will act as a kind of audit even during the election.

8. Verify and Re-Verify All Final Numbers the SOS Records after the Elections

9. Prosecute those who violated existing election law and stole the 2020 Presidential Election from Donald J. Trump

10. DeCertify Michigan’s 2020 Election and restore the President to His Office with a full 4 year term!