The Empire Strikes Back

by | Jul 16, 2022 | Recent News

By Robert Gelt

I have long been a big fan of Stars Wars, especially the originals.  And right now in Michigan it is exactly like living in the second released Stars Wars movie, “The Empire Strikes Back”.  Donald Trump , our “Luke Skywalker”, showed up and knocked the Empire back on its heels – as did Luke in the Original and first Stars Wars. But in then the Empire responded. (Funny enough, Ryan Kelley has some similar features to Luke Skywalker.) Much as they are responding right now, while taking these cheap shots at our front runner Governor candidate.

The best strategy for 2022 remains: OVERWHELM the polls, keep pestering law enforcement and our county officials to get involved!

The reality of our 2022 elections: the drop boxes are still spread throughout our state, “they” have blanketed the state again with absentee ballots (we already have various reports of dead people, people who moved, people not living at addresses all receiving absentee ballots maybe even worse than 2020), the QVF is just as flawed as ever and I just had a two hour conversation with a Patriot Grandma who explained to me that out of about 100 Poll Challengers in training at TCF Center only 2 of them were GOP: 98 Dems to 2 of us Patiots. Ouch!!

The Empire seems so upset about what we “Rebels” accomplished behind our fearless leader, Donald J. “The Trump” that they are ready to burn the whole house down unless they get their way. This drama is playing out globally. On a positive note, we see The Empire in France getting a huge rebuke! Macron just lost control of the French National Assembly as the people demand “No COVID Lockdowns” etc.  Our nation too has had several victories over the past couple months. Arizona is back in play talking about DeCertifying its election, Wisconsin is closer than ever to voting to DeCertify (pray Robin Vos relents, the speaker of the house continues to stand against We The People in Wisconsin), Roe v. Wade was overturned, several states are preparing to ban voting machines, Wisconsin just voted to remove all their drop-boxes, lots of victories scattered throughout the nation…

But the Empire isn’t close to giving in, they just stole several elections: Georgia governor primary was littered with fraud, there is absolutely no way Tim Peters lost her race, Bobby Piton too had his primary stolen from him.  In our own Michigan, RJ Regan had DeVos literally sending out mailers against him in support of the Democrat opposing Candidate Regan!! Then DeVos funded last minute a write-in candidate just to ensure that election would be stolen from the Patriot-fighter, Regan. (Support RJ Regan!  He is ready to go to Lansing and fight for Michigan!  He fully supports DeCertifying 2020 and every Patriotic cause that we believe in!! It’s quite an epic time to be alive!

But this isn’t a movie.  We aren’t watching something that we can turn off whenever we have had enough of the drama. We are immersed and in the very middle of this very intense moment in history – and even though I am a man of faith, the story is still being written. I have had so much hope for Michigan and at times its hard to hold on to. Many of you were a part of the movement I started to DeCertify Michigan.  And that petition was the very best chance we had to fix 2020 in our state. Why nearly every election integrity group in Michigan refused to support us still boggles the mind. Stand Up Michigan, Rick Warzawak’s Prayer Movement, Trucker Randy, Pat Colbeck and some of foremost leaders of Michigan’s grassroots and conservative movement not only refused to help but publicly with stood us, commanding Michiganders “Not to Sign the Petition”! I was certainly ready for division within the ranks as I went public with the petition but nothing prepared me for the wrath of Ron Armstrong and his purchased friends.

One of the strangest conversations I had was with Shayne Trejo. I repeated the question to him multiple times, just as I had with Colbeck, “If you don’t like what we are doing to DeCertify the election, How would you fix 2020? Anytime someone comes up with a better solution – I am all ears.” But then… Crickets.  No one had a plan.  NONE OF THEM.  Colbeck was perhaps the greatest oddity, having set himself up as Michigan’s, “Ambassador of Election Integrity” he did help me initially.  He sent me a couple pages of notes to improve the petition (for the record we only used one of his suggestions, everything else he suggested was not rooted in law or the constitution), and often I would hear him publicly say, “It’s not going to work but we should support it, it is the best thing we have…” I would say, at best, Pat was half-heartedly going along with us but then OUT OF NO WHERE he did a complete 180! I thought we were friends, why he couldn’t have a single sit down with me, or even a phone call to prepare me for the betrayal? Still boggles the mind. Suddenly he signed on to that letter of rebuke, demanding Michiganders not support our effort and making up stories for why no one should donate to me!?

Rescue Michigan performed quite a hit piece on us, without so much as a phone call or email to get to know me and our movement, they flippantly attacked everything we were doing, my character, etc. It wasn’t the corrupt media and their hit-pieces that bothered me at all, it was all the character assassination, outright lies and the attacks brought on by “The Conservatives” those who we all have been following for quite some time in Michigan. But Pat Colbeck remains the most shocking of the group.  Armstrong destroys everything good in the state, Stand Up against me wasn’t in the least bit surprising, hundreds of people can attest to this their power-plays and Alpha-Style Dominance,  but Colbeck!? Our “Ambassador of Election Integrity”!!?  He still has absolutely no plan to fix 2020, by the way…

It’s ironic to me that Rick Warzawak and his prayer movement came against us. They have long been praying that God would fix 2020, they pray for a “David” to rise up and defeat Goliath, they pray for “Moses” to show up and part Michigan’s Red Sea and then God sends them a fighter.  Literally, plucked me up from DC and told me to move to Michigan for some great calling!  And then The Prayer Movement comes against me, A Minister even!!? Friendly advice Mr. W, if you pray, God will answer, you might consider that the next time you attack the answer to your prayers Sir. (But to give Uncle Rick a little mercy, God only knows what Colbeck and Armstrong said to him, Trucker Randy too, the three of them came down hard on Uncle Rick. Hopefully money isn’t involved.  That would be a hard one to explain to the Lord.)

I’m still waiting for their answer to fixing 2020 and securing Michigan’s 2022 elections.

All I hear is… Crickets… maybe a little Rhetoric… but mostly



Truth be told, our DeCertify movement never got to take on the corruption in Michigan because of what? Jealousy? Envy?  Cain killed his brother over envy… Let’s not be too quick to discount Envy.  That evil inspired the first murder in scripture!

So now what?  We just “lie back and try to enjoy it” while they rape us? Or do we, Michiganders, rest and wait this one out or launch a new battlefront!? I have been imploring us all, “Sheriff’s and Counties remain our last line of Defense.” But perhaps I’m just a voice crying out in the wilderness? Maybe my unkempt clothes, understated demeanor and voice of reason just isn’t working out?  I wish DePerno would lead us, I wish he and Karamo would tell us what to do to save 2022 from being stolen from the people! I wish the Sheriff’s would all suddenly jump into the fray and save us!  I guess wishing never got anyone anywhere…

But truth be told, I have been hoping that there is some super top-secret plan that I just don’t know about.  I have been hoping that Trump’s been secretly in control of the military, or that I would wake up one day and find it’s all been some highly orchestrated Op (like the Cyber Symposium was said to have been?) and overnight the President would be restored to the White House and all this would go away!! Inflation would vanish, gas prices would recede overnight, Covid would become a distant memory and Freedom would be restored to our nation! In some ways I am still hoping some secret plan shows up to save us.  But how to sit back and do nothing in the meantime? It’s extremely hard being patient watching the world my children are going to inherit pummel into the hands of the most wicked people perhaps ever in the history of our nation, as they ruin everything.

I’m trying to forgive Colbeck, Armstrong, Warzawak, Trucker Randy and the rest.  Jesus tells us to love our enemies.  Geez!  “Lord, but they betrayed not just me, they betrayed their own people!  They betrayed everything they proport to Stand Up for!? How do I forgive such betrayal!?”  Of course the Lord reminds me of Judas in His midst, and how He loved Judas all along knowing that brother would betray Him in the end. God’s love!  Wow!  That’s Powerful Super-Hero, Jedi-type Love!!  “Give me that kind of love, Lord.”  And save these men who are leading our state.  I would rather them come to their senses then fall into judgment (as the scripture says, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God”).

I’m praying for Ryan Kelley, DePerno and Karamo.  They have a lot against them.  They are going to need not one but several miracles if they are going to get elected this year. And Yes, God is in the Miracles Business.

But to end on a positive note, to the people of Michigan I would say, “You have grown accustomed to being beaten down, defeated, forgotten and forsaken. Corruption has reigned in your state for a long generation but God is changing things right now.  This Chapter might end with Luke Skywalker barely surviving and losing his hand (R. Kelley?)? Hopefully not.  Miracles Happen.  But truly God has already changed the entire landscape of Michigan!  He has changed it forever in our hearts and in our minds – we are awake now, engaged and learning to do this battle. So even if the Empire Strikes back, the next chapter is The Return of the Jedi!!  And the Empire knows it.  It’s eventuality. No evil can withstand the Truth, there is not an evil powerful enough to withstand the love of God.  We are about to be winners again Michigan! Keep fighting.  Don’t grow weary in well doing.  In season we will get our prize and reap our Harvest!  The best is still yet to come. Be encouraged and Advance, there is no reason to retreat in the thick of the battle!”

I’m doing the best I can to dust myself off and get back up on the horse.

I’m praying thru many plans and strategies…

I’ll be in touch.




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