The Best Movement in American History – “We The People”

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By Robert Gelt, June 10th 2022

Friends, before I can go into the Good News. I have to root out a tremendous problem I see in America right now and to give it a name, let’s say “RUMORS”

Rumors could also be called: MisInformation, DisInformation, Conspiracy, Lies and Fantasy/Dream land false hopes.  But to summarize lets speak about “Rumors”

What these rumors are doing is stealing the power of “We the People”. I don’t know who is involved with the rumors, I have heard other rumors about who is spreading these (often) lies and deceptions. But then we, The American People, take it and run with it!  It’s like we have become addicted to these rumors.

The trouble with the rumor-mill is the tremendous distraction it causes. We could be spreading Good News, Actionable Plans that we actually have control over, we could be spending our time so much more usefully and positively but instead we feast on these rumors, spread them and live in something of an alter reality.

My neighbor just died of Covid last year, I could be doing kind things for his widow but instead am I treading out the rumor mill?  My house needs fixing, times a thousand, there is an unending amount of work to do on my 1876 Victorian home but instead am I online wasting hours trying to find truth, forwarding rumors throughout the world!? I have a beautiful wife and four beautiful little children who love to be with me but has telegram, rumble, youtube, twitter, etc. taken over my attention so all that is left for my family is a confused and hopeless dad??

What I mean is, rumors have existed since the beginning of society.  Rumors will continue. But what do we have power over? “We the People” have power. We have much more power to influence than we realize.  We are living way way above our paygrades. We are jumping into matters that are so high above us, less than 1% of the people of the world have access to these quiet meetings, in secret and unpublished places.  Remember almost No One called the 2008 Money Crisis. Almost no one saw the Arab Spring coming and yet it changed the entire middle east. 9/11 – the whole world was surprised.  With all of our searching and trying to make sense of things, what has it ever benefited us?? Was anyone on the earth prepared for Covid?

“We the People” need a new vision:

We need a purpose and something we can actually strive to achieve.


Not all of you reading this are very comfortable perhaps with the Holy Bible and many of you have had some horrible experiences within religion.  For a moment lets separate religion away from the Bible and look at its many amazing truths. For me to be able to accurately paint this picture, I know no better source than the Holy Scriptures.

Jesus was a genius.  I believe Him to be also the Son of God, so its goes without saying that He would be incredibly intelligent, having said that lets look at Christ for a moment as the social engineering genius he was.  Jesus, when speaking about the greatest commandment, said, “…and love your neighbor as yourself”

Most of the world is fixated on the grand and grandiose. Most of the world spends their hours and energy trying to solve these massive and large-scale troubles and yet missing all the things right in front of them.  Case in point, how many wealthy and powerful lose their marriages and their personal lives are an absolute mess while they are “Solving the problems of the world”. Again Jesus says, “What does it profit a man should he gain the whole world but lose his soul?” I personally do not recall a single class in all my schooling (including Bible College) that taught me to truly ‘bless my soul’ and yet the world needs saving!

This is truly the war: it’s a war for souls, it’s a war for the hearts and spirits of man and mankind is losing terribly. How do we bless or profit our own hearts and souls?? Think about it. What does life and a blessed life actually look like. If “We the People” are going to make it, we are going to have to have a very radical and purposeful shift in our focus and how we chose to trade away our time. One of the best quotes I have ever heard, “Time is the most precious commodity, it’s the only commodity that we can’t make any more of…”

It requires a tremendous amount of trust and fearlessness to live this way. To at times ignore the troubles of the world, to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to all the noise and focus in on the matters at hand.  What is actually in front of you? If we are to take account of ourselves in truth, what lies within our grasp that we can actually engage and influence?  Faith grows with victories much faster than with defeat. Living a life of defeat there will be merely grasping to hope, there will be no risk left worth taking and we will find ourselves discouraged and then afraid. We need victories in life and often its easier to begin with the smaller attainable victories than the larger ones.

Having said that, there are those “Come up here” moments of promotion and rapid advancement. But the words of Christ remain, “Love your neighbor as yourself”. If everyone loved their neighbor, how differently would the world look? Politics would change rapidly. Wars would end. Prosperity and abundance would rule the day. It would be literally heaven on earth.  But men are broken and so here we are…


If “We the Power” are going to win we must have an entirely new vision: a new vision for America, a new vision for our purpose, our families and a new vision for what is life.  Sounds ethereal to some of you? Does this seem unattainable or impossible to believe in? Well, I promise you there is no other way.  The world has been at war with the human soul and spirit like never before during this technological revolution.  The advancement of this technology has only distanced men from their brothers and women from their sisters, social media has driven society apart and has fostered an environment for a daily war to be waged on the human soul, suddenly mankind is not enough and there is much talk about marrying this technology with the image of God?

I have worked with troubled kids often throughout my life.  What was always amazing to me is how they simply never experienced the things of life, the things that many of us take for granted, the things that bless the soul. I took a group of inner city kids to the beach outside of Seattle one time.  There were seven young men and boys ranging from 17-24 years old. Not one of them had ever been to the beach before!  I watched these young men become boys in just a few moments, building forts, sculpting sand castles and running in the salty Puget Sound waters, fully clothed, having the time of their lives.  I choked down a few tears realizing that no one had ever shown these boys the goodness of God and the simple pleasures of life.

Every one of those young men had been involved with gangs. One of them, Will, my favorite and most cherished of the group, used to sell drugs at his high school – and never without a gun. No one had ever taught Will what it is to bless his soul and cherish the gifts of God within himself. I watched God heal Will over the couple years we were together. He will never forget the goodness of God, once you have tasted how good He is – you can never go back! (Again, I am not talking about religion… but an actual relationship with God.)

But sitting behind computers all day, barricading ourselves in dark rooms, having junk food delivered to our homes and losing friendly and personal interaction, we will destroy ourselves. We have been destroying for a solid generation now with this technology.  Genetically Modified Foods, Psych-Meds, piling people one on top of another in the cities, the pursuit of Wealth and Money before all else… We are destroying ourselves and we are destroying the world.

It seems there is no stopping this freight train of our demise: the weapons of mass destruction, the politics corrupting everything on God’s green earth, the constant warring against life, abortion as an industry – and now more than ever the children are desperately crying out, “Save Us” but who will listen!? And of course our kids are losing all reasoning, taking guns to school they are shooting until someone will listen. Our society is at war with the soul and spirit of man but will anyone stop and pay attention?! They call it the “Rat Race” and yet we are supposed to be made as image bearers of God.

The fruits of the Spirit of God remain: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness and self-control.


The vision I have for us is not new but it is actually very old.  Finding that trust in God, becoming believers again, resting, engaging in the things God has placed around us, loving our neighbors, caring for our own families, trusting God with the big picture – we can finally rest. The whole of the Ancient Bible in fact paints this picture: Trust God, rest, do the simple work He has placed in front of us and God will trust us with more and promote us as He makes us ready.  The Scripture says, “If you want to be great in God’s kingdom learn to be the servant of all.”

If “We the People” are going to restore the things broken with our nation it will not happen with political warring and strife, it will not happen fighting hatred with more hatred, we will not win without love and lots of it!! We can start small and God will make it grow big!  The whole of His creation begins with a seed. The Scripture declares Gods promises, “Be faithful with little and I will make you ruler over much.” Be faithful with your neighbors and neighborhood and I will give you a village.  Be faithful with your village and I will give you cities and states.  Be faithful with the small and innocent things and God will give us the nations!

Often I have had to let the world pass me by. I can not count how many times throughout my life I have had to find contentment in the quiet places and rest. I have not always enjoyed rest. But the scriptures teach us how to COME TO LIFE, “Be still and know that I am God”. But we get afraid. We worry.  ‘Oh Who will take care of me!?’ And it’s this fear that is ruining everything.  Fear makes us crazy: it drives us to control, it shuts off our creativity and problem solving abilities, fear steals the love from our hearts and puts us at war with our fellow man. Fear is the faith, hope and love killer. The whole of Covid to me revealed just how much fear and the love of money has gained control of our world. Who will stop this disease from spreading?

The only answer is a true movement of “We the People” choosing to stop feeding our soul death and destruction – and instead feast upon hope, the beauty of God, faith, trust, His light, believing in the power goodness and truth to win the day, and above all else, Love.  Do you want to save America, as do I? It will begin with a Spiritual Awakening and a rapid returning to Life – and rediscovering Life more Abundantly. America, It’s time. Return to your God. Not to marry God once more with the broken religions of man but to find Him, in Spirit and truth, the Father who loves His children, uniquely and so very personally. Many who have come before us have found this God, the God of the Bible, the One and True God – and no one else can do this for us… We must each go, uniquely… We must each come to find Him, learn what it is to walk with God and find life…

That is why religion will always fail us.  Every one of us must come to this spiritual life with our Father uniquely – while we can be inspired from others, we must each come to God and allow our Father to teach us the ways of life – and finally we will live it more abundantly!

It will take a lot of faith.  It will take a lot of courage and trust.  We will get afraid and we will get hurt at times.  We will doubt ourselves and our ability to hear the voice of God but our Father is His own person, He has a will, His will is to love us and He will never leave us nor forsake us. Ever. Even in death. Especially in death. He comes after us.  He seeks us out the same way a Father would seek out a child who was stolen from him, God pursues us. We should open our hearts and souls to Him.  We should let Him in.

If it’s time for the world to end – we can trust God in the end, just as the Scriptures have declared since the times of old.  If God has determined to give us another generation or several generations, that too will be a blessing. Do you want to pierce the vail and see beyond this life? Come to walk with your God, love them, for God is love. The (true) love of God will transcend the brokenness, the fear and deception of this world and finally we will rest – we will stop destroying, come to rest and God will teach us finally to build something – and build something beautiful.

Everything wonderful first began as a seed

I pray this message, as a seed, is planted within all our hearts and souls and we return to Life, we return to God and we become the beautiful and amazing people God always intended for us to be… fearless, full of grace and truth, uncompromisingly holding to His goodness and living in His love.  I believe in “We the People” and I will continue to serve with all my heart, no matter how often its breaks… I believe in you… better yet, God believes in you!!

There is much much more good news!!

May the Father of all Creation fill you with His Spirit and Hope
May you never know that fear again – but rise above it with your God

Like on the wings of eagles…






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  1. Margaret

    Thank you for your beautiful words! I didn’t realize I needed a reminder to seek a deeper relationship with God.

    Thank you for all you do! May God bless you and your family.


    • dcmi

      I love what the apostle Paul said, and it wrote it at the end of his life, remember he wrote 2/3’s the New Testament, “The thing I want to do, I dont do that thing, and the thing I dont want to do I end up doing…” ((Robert Gelt’s paraphrase))

      We, as broken vessel’s, get to shine the Glory of the Lord!? Really!?

      Hahaha… What a gospel!!
      It really is a beautiful story

      We are family dear Margaret.

      Be encouraged!!

      Thank you for the love.

      Love you back!!


  2. WMC

    Great perspective and encouragement for the better way of thinking and acting.
    So saddened that the DeCertifyMi Petitions were not well circulated and not signed by The People!!
    Thank you Robert for your leadership and tireless efforts for us all!!

    • dcmi

      Honestly Bill, so many of the political leaders came against us. They lied about me and tried to destroy my reputation without a cause – even many people within our “Election Integrity” movement, surprisingly. I really dont blame the people of Michigan as much as the leaders in which we placed our hope. I have a lot to say on the subject. And this letter I wrote says alot of it – we need a Real Spiritual Awakening.

      I appreciate your encouragement Sir. Im starting to shake it off. If you had told me all the names that would come against me and the national figures who would refuse to help us… I would not have believed you… I do not want to tell you just how much I know about the reality of our nation and the Grand Scale of the problems I see facing us… It won’t inspire you… What will inspire – Our God likes to show up in desperate moments wherein there is simply no hope – and then He saves us!!!

      : ) Therein do I rest…


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