Sheriffs, Clerks, Commissioners – America’s Last Line of Defense

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By Robert Gelt

We have so much to be thankful for right now. Finally Roe v. Wade is done. This was a big win on several fronts, but three specifically: it was a win for the US Constitution because there is simply no room in the constitution to allow or disallow abortion, Roe v. Wade should have never become precedent, this is also a huge Huge win for states rights and the power of the states to make their laws, instead of the federal government dominating the US for another generation, finally, obviously this is a huge win for the babies in the belly’s!!! Praise God!!

Those Supreme Court Justices must be proud of themselves right now!

Whenever you have the time review all that just happened at the Supreme Court.  We, Patriots and Believers in our Constitution, just had several victories at the High Court. Every ruling was a huge win for America, the rule of Law and restoring our nation to normalcy.




What troubles me is that we do not seem even a little bit closer to fixing 2020, investigating, making arrests and restoring a free and fair Election System – if anything what just happened with Tina Peters race and Bobby Piton shows us how brazen they are in refusing the will of the American people.

I don’t know if I want to publicly disclose all the conversations I have had with Sheriffs, Clerks and Commissioners throughout the state of Michigan. These three elected officials, primarily Sheriffs and Clerks, have tremendous authority allotted them by the Michigan State constitution to investigate elections and our election system; but what if they will not do their jobs!? Here is what the Michigan Constitution has to say on the authority granted to the clerks to investigate their own elections:

MCL 168.520

Illegal or fraudulent registration; township or city clerk, powers and duties;

assistance by police or sheriff; assistant examiners, appointment, expenses. 

Sec. 520.

If a township or city clerk has knowledge that there is a probable illegal or fraudulent registration in the township or city, or in any ward or precinct of the township or city, the clerk has the power and duty to make a full investigation of the facts concerning the registration and to ascertain whether any name has been illegally or fraudulently registered.

A township or city clerk is authorized and empowered to call upon the police department of the city or the sheriff of the county in which the city is located, or both, to assist in making the investigation, and the police department and the sheriff are required to render assistance if the clerk makes a request for assistance, and to furnish the clerk at his or her request with all available assistance in making the investigation.

A township or city clerk is further authorized and empowered if he or she considers it necessary or advisable to appoint assistant examiners for the purpose of the investigation.  Bills for the services of the examiner must be approved by the clerk and must be audited and paid by the township board or legislative body of the city in the same manner as the expenses of conducting elections are paid.

History: 1954, Act 116, Eff. June 1, 1955 ;- Am. 2018-Act 125. EfT. Doc. 31, 2018


For those of you who have not watched my interview with Brian/CannCon wherein I discuss the approx. 100 townships with Zero In Person votes recorded in the QVF (Qualified Voter File) in December 2020 a month after the election – Here is the link:

This is the Excel Spreadsheet of the QVF by township, here you can see all the townships in Michigan and their recorded vote totals. Those townships in “red” showing 100% were all recorded as having NO IN PERSON VOTES Whatsoever. Here is the link to download the Excel Spreadsheet:

Michigan Nov3 Voter Analsysis


If you speak with the SOS or many County Clerks what they will tell you is, “Oops.  We forget to upload the Electronic Pollbook to the QVF.  It was a minor clerical error.”  The Massive problem with their messaging is that this would be them admitting to a crime. Please review this MCL:

168.813 Provisional ballot; tabulation; report.

Sec. 813.

(1) Within 6 days after an election, for each provisional ballot that was placed in a provisional ballot return envelope, the city or township clerk shall determine whether the individual voting the provisional ballot was eligible to vote a ballot and whether to tabulate the provisional ballot. In making this determination, the city or township clerk shall not open the provisional ballot return envelope. A provisional ballot must only be tabulated if a valid voter registration record for the elector is located or if the identity and residence of the elector is established using identification for election purposes, along with a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or other government document to establish the voter’s current residence address if the identification for election purposes used by the elector does not contain the voter’s current residence address. Before the provisional ballot is tabulated, election officials shall process the ballot as a challenged ballot under sections 745 and 746.

(2) Within 7 days after an election, but sooner if practicable, the city or township clerk shall transmit the results of provisional ballots tabulated after the election to the board of county canvassers. The results must be transmitted in a form prescribed by the secretary of state.

(3) Within 7 days after an election, the city or township clerk shall transmit to the county clerk a provisional ballot report for each precinct in the jurisdiction. The report must include for each precinct the number of provisional ballots issued, the number of provisional ballots tabulated on election day, the number of provisional ballots forwarded to the clerk to be determined after the election, the number of provisional ballots tabulated by the clerk after election day, and any additional information concerning provisional ballots as required by the secretary of state.

(4) Within 7 days after an election, the city or township clerk shall transmit to the county clerk an affidavit report that includes the number of affidavits signed by voters under section 523(2). The affidavit report must be transmitted to the county clerk in a form prescribed by the secretary of state.

(5) Within 7 days after an election, the city or township clerk shall ensure that the qualified voter file is current and includes any individual who registered to vote under section 497(3) and (4).

History: Add. 2004, Act 92, Imd. Eff. Apr. 26, 2004 ;– Am. 2012, Act 523, Eff. Mar. 28, 2013 ;– Am. 2018, Act 129, Imd. Eff. May 3, 2018 ;– Am. 2018, Act 603, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2018


The Clerks I have spoke with have explained to me in detail that it is nearly impossible for One Township to have “Mistakenly. Forgot” to upload their EPB (Electronic Pollbook) to the QVF, let alone about 100 Clerks “Forgetting” and simply making a mistake.  According to the MCL this is a crime punishable under the law.  I have spoke with several township clerks and it does not seem to be their fault and yet, thus far, the Michigan SOS and the County Clerks seem to be casting all blame on their local clerks. They continue to refuse to admit to the enormity of the scale of this error.

As I have continued to investigate this over the past several weeks this does not seem to be any fault of the township clerks, they have said to me, “We did exactly what we do every election, we followed all our protocols and somehow our files were never uploaded to the QVF.” Truly it seems by no fault of the township clerks, their files were not recorded in the QVF, per the law.  This MUST BE investigated immediately.  Our Michigan Attorney General, our SOS, our Governor can not be those to investigate this.  The investigation at this point in time can only come from the counties, the Sheriffs are the law enforcement agency given authority per the Michigan Constitution to do so.




I have given a very simple and clear starting place for investigations to begin.  These hundred or so townships statewide span more than 80% of our counties.  You can download the excel file and see what townships are in your county and contact your local Sheriff, Clerks AND County Commissioners. You can use this document to explain the brokenness of the 2020 Presidential election and why we MUST INVESTIGATE IMMEDIATELY. This is totally unprecedented in Michigan election history. Never before have 100 townships not recorded in person votes.

The second thing that they can investigate pertaining to the fraudulent 2020 Pres Election is the evidence revealed in 2000 Mules Documentary.  These drop boxes were all over the state, especially everywhere there is a college/university. This investigation compromises of another, nearly 50% of our counties. You can investigate your own county, determine where or not there were drop boxes and how many – and file a report with your county to also investigate the fraudulent ballot stuffing. (Encourage your County Officials to watch 2000 Mules.)

The third starting place for investigations is “What exactly happened to the “Mail In” Ballots.”  Several townships broke the law by “outsourcing” the counting of their Absentee and Mail In Ballots. Again, this too is unprecedented in Michigan Election history because of Covid.  The TCF center and perhaps other counting centers received how many ballots? Has there even been an accounting of this made public? If your county had townships that “outsourced” the counting of their absentee ballots, this is the third starting place for the investigation: there must be a “Chain of Custody” of those ballots for that counting to be legal, there must be an accounting of these ballots but in our limited investigations, there were/are not.

That is three starting places for Sheriffs and Clerks to begin their investigations.

Other investigations include but are not limited to: the revelations that Jovan Pulitzer has just brought to light in Arizona we can also open investigations into the actual ballots and paper used, the controversy surrounding the counting machine’s and the proof (from people like Mike Lindell, Tina Peters and Jeff O’Donnell) that they were actively being accessed by other people and probably nations during our election, etc.

I am, personally, more than willing to have conversations with any Sheriffs/Clerks/Commissioners who would like to begin their own investigations.  We have a very short window to ensure all the data, files and ballots from the 2020 Election are secured and not destroyed.  By law they only have to keep the data 22 months – which would expire about Sept 3rd.  We must provoke our County Officials to act before it is too late!!

Its truly the eleventh hour to figure out just who did this to our country!?  We know now Pres Trump won.  We must DeCertify Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, etc. and restore President Trump to his office.  And we must find out who did this to our country before its too late.  Our County Officials, in fact, have the power to open these investigations and begin the process of Restoring our President to his office.

I will continue to pray that our brave and bold leaders take up this calling

And save our nation…

With love.





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