A Letter from our Chief Advocate, Robert Gelt

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How I got involved with all this fixing the 2020 Election –

– by Robert Gelt

I was born in Detroit to young parents who divorced when I was 2. My mother took us away and raised my brother and I in Vegas (of all places). She remarried and they moved to LA. Jesus saved us those years. Its a wild and amazing story. And because of my devotion to God I ended up in Bible College. After Bible College, I went into business. Those were some tough years, the family fell apart when my parents divorced and those years I found no comfort in church. My business life continued to succeed but I found no solace in financial success. This is how I ended up becoming a preacher, author and missionary.

I traveled exclusively from 2008 to 2013, writing and preaching. I have visited and preached in some 30 US States and 15 nations! Those were some incredible and miraculous years! I was reluctant to return to the states in 2013 – it grieved me beyond words what was happening in our nation and I simply did not want to return to this. It was very enjoyable being in Africa, SE Asia, etc. preaching the gospel. But the Lord told me, “Its time to Save America.”

Who was I to save America!? An unknown preacher/missionary!? I started to pray and fast often. The Lord delivered me into troubled youth ministry and nonprofit work. I worked with gang kids, kids in juvenile hall, military kids, homeless kids, etc. I have traveled the whole world and its shameful to admit that we are one of the only nations in the world with this homeless youth phenomenon. What has my attention more than anything is how our children are doing everything they can to get our attention – shooting up schools, overdosing, running away from home to live horrible lives, etc. Words can not express how I have wanted to help.

The Lord started speaking to me about moving to DC. I was living outside of Seattle and running two youth organizations when these dreams began. I could not avoid it, it was very clear that God had some plan for us in DC (that was 2015 when all this began). Every time I would pray or consider moving, the Lord would say, “Not Now”. After an extremely long story, we finally arrived in DC Jan 2020. What a time to come to DC!?

The months leading up to our move a friend was praying for us and heard from the Lord, “Robert will move to Michigan!” This friend did not even know I was born here! It made NO Sense to me why Michigan when all these years we had been praying about DC. Covid broke out March 2020 and the whole of DC was shutting down. I was being interviewed for an amazing position at a Prayer Room in DC – probably the first “Prayer Room” started in the nation. Dick, the old man who had been praying for America since the 70’s was preparing to go home (he was about 90 years old) and really thought I should fill his shoes. What an honor!

But while praying about this I had a dream, “I was in Michigan with my real dad and we were so happy. We had bought a farm together.” It was one of the best and happiest dreams I had ever had. Morale in DC was plummeting downhill and so it became easy to leave. As we were leaving I heard the Lord say, “Michigan will become the Tip of the Spear”. Clearly I had no idea of what that meant but I assumed it had something to do with Pres Trump being elected since we left DC in April just months before the election.

The weeks leading up to the election I continued to have horrible feelings about the election, that President Trump would lose. In fact, believe it or not I had a frightening dream on the subject. (The whole dream came true.) I returned to DC the week leading up to the election to fast and pray. I broke my fast the night of the election and into the late night hours, by myself, I watched them steal the country from the President. My heart was broken and I couldn’t go to sleep, I stayed up until 4am praying.

I returned to Michigan broken-hearted but wondering what I could do to help!? Its an extremely long story, full of other miraculous events but finally I met Rep Steve Carra and started helping him with his bill to Audit the Election. From there Rep Carra and I went together to Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium and from that point on I was full time trying to fix this and restore the President to his office. Over the months two things have become abundantly clear: 1. President Trump won Michigan by a massive margin, and 2. The powers of this state will never allow us to have a Full Forensic Audit to find all the fraud.

I became friends with Rep Timothy Ramthun (now Governor Candidate Timothy Ramthun) in Wisconsin. When he first put out his call to DeCertify it hit me like a ton of bricks! “WE NEED TO DECERTIFY MICHIGAN!” Suddenly our path forward was clear. The election audit that needs to happen will be fought against with all fury and then we would still need to DeCertify. This is the only path forward, we have more than enough proof, ITS TIME TO DECERTIFY THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN MICHIGAN!

I know this is long but its quite a story that I wanted to share with you all. I want you all to know who is leading this effort and truly it isnt me. There is a God in heaven who loves us. And wants to fix our nation! He wants to save us from these (often foreign) actors who want to smother the light that is our America, our home. I have heard these men publicly explaining what a “problem” America is to the “New World Order”, etc. Of course we are a problem to them, we are Free and we help to bring this Freedom to the world!

There is lots of work to do, friends. And most of the work is Spiritual in nature. We have to save our children. We have to so much work to do to inject righteousness and justice back into our nation. But it starts here, Restoring the duly elected President to his office. Restoring President Trump will in the meantime fix our Michigan election systems. These things will happen in tandem. 2022 we must elect people to our state government who will support: 1. DeCertifying the 2020 Presidential Election and 2. Fixing our Election Systems. This is paramount to fixing Michigan.

We must do a very good job this next election cycle. Pray before you vote. And in the meantime we are going after 1 Million Signatures for our petition! We only need 340K but we want to make a statement, Loud and Clear! Michigan demands our President to return to his office, immediately.

Over the next days and weeks, I will introduce our team. Right now we have four on staff and I would guess more than 40 volunteers already on the team. But we need a lot more help! To get 1 Million signatures we will need an army of volunteers and financial support. I am going public with the language of the bill Monday Evening (March 14th). And we expect we will start collecting signatures March 21st. We have volunteer trainings starting this week.

I know this has been a long message but this is vital for the future of not just our country but our families!! Look at the children, my 4 little kids are my inspiration. If we dont care to save the nation for ourselves – Lets save it for them!! We can do this… God is on our side. Believe Michigan! Believe and lets go to work!! The scripture says, “Faith without works is dead.” I think it applies to us, and now. Its all lead to this moment, in Michigan, its up to us right now you guys. The citizens of Michigan must save the nation. I’m all in.

Keep us in prayer. Its a daunting task that lies ahead.
Love to you all, even our enemies,

Robert Gelt
Chief Advocate
DeCertify Michigan


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