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by | Mar 19, 2022 | Recent News

by Robert Gelt

Honestly, we would have given up long ago. Thousands of us would have thrown in the towel months ago, the trouble is, its only become more and more clear, President Trump handily won the 2020 Presidential Election. Robert Gelt and the team at Decertify Michigan have created the path to restore to President Trump his 2020 victory.

Michigan has a process unique to about 20-something states, its called “The Ballot Initiative”. This process was developed by the states constitutions to allow ordinary everyday citizens to make laws within the state. Generally speaking, after writing the legislation, the constitution calls for a petition drive to obtain a certain number of signatures, once the amount of signatures (statewide) have been gathered the legislation will go to Ballot in the next voting cycle.

We wrote legislation to restore the 2020 Presidential Election back to President Trump. We have already proved the Qualified Voter File is bloated and was manipulated by nefarious actors in the election. We have already proven nearly 26,000 dead people were recorded as voting in the election. We have the evidence of ballot tampering and ballot harvesting and much more of this evidence will come out in the days and weeks ahead.  We have already proven many Michiganders votes for Trump simply did not count.  We have tens of thousands of affidavits throughout the state from Michiganders swearing under oath to election fraud and manipulation. We all went to bed November 3rd 2020 and our President was winning the election, in fact there was never a time Biden was winning the election on that day, Trump had the lead from the start. Then, magically, hundreds of thousands of Biden votes poured in all night long and practically none for Trump? The election was stolen from our duly elected President and “We The People” are restoring it to him.

Our Petition to Decertify the 2020 Presidential Election and restore the election to President Trump will need to collect 341,000 signatures before June 1st 2022. Obviously this is a narrow window to complete our signature drive so we need volunteers! After we get the signatures one of two things will happen: either the Michigan State House and Senate will decide this legislation is good and they will vote (by a simple majority) for it to become law or else the citizen-led legislation will go to Ballot in November to be voted upon by Michiganders. What is wonderful about this citizen-led legislation is that it can not be vetoed and even if the legislators will not vote to pass it, the citizens will have a chance to vote in the general election to make their citizens-bill become law! What an awesome and amazing process!

Other states are already following Michigan’s lead. We have already had phone calls from other states asking for our help in writing citizen-led Ballot Initiatives in their states! Suddenly a path has emerged in restoring the President to the White House! Some of the most astounding and brazen evidence we have yet seen is being released over the weeks ahead. Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary will show the illegal ballot harvesting throughout several swing-states, wherever those ballot drop boxes where placed.  We have a new software in development that will reveal the wide-spread irregularities throughout the state of Michigan and help us to fix the election system. There is a very exciting few months ahead for us in Michigan and the nation!

We have to fix this.  We must figure out who did this to our nation. We can not let this crime be forgotten, unsolved and go unpunished.  We must figure out what happened , who did this and fix our elections so that this never happens again! There are many nations, corporations and other bad actors throughout the world that would love to ruin our America. We still stand in the way of a terrible evil completely and utterly ruining the world. Should America be lost their will be no power on earth keeping a global elite from total world dominance. We must not lose the nations!

This is a very desperate hour and we have a plan for the saving of our nation: it starts with fixing our elections, restoring the duly elected President to his office, then fixing the election systems in Michigan and electing true Patriots to office in 2022. We need a volunteer army of petitioners if we are to get this done!  To get 341,000 signatures before June 1st we are looking for 2,000 volunteers who will each collect at least 200 signatures on our petitions. We will provide the petitions, we will provide the training, we have all the support structure you will need and we will be successful!!  President Trump will be restored for a full four-year term to his office and in January 2023 we will have a new inauguration for him in Washington DC.

Sign up to volunteer and you can personally be a part of saving our nation.  For generations to come they will remember what we did here in Michigan to save our nation from certain destruction.  We will not stand idly by and watch them destroy our home. Grandpas, Grandmas, Dads, Moms, Aunties, Uncle’s, Brothers and Sisters – the families of Michigan are coming together to save our country. It will never be forgotten what we did Michigan. God Bless you all and we look forward to meeting you face to face soon. This nightmare we have been living the past couple years is about to be over!!!


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    Most all signatures be obtained from registered citizens of Michigan?


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