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by | Apr 3, 2022 | Recent News

by Robert Gelt

Only a few short weeks ago, we realized that no one is really checking to see if the votes were recorded. When everyone is canvassing, typically they are looking for phantom voters, addresses with dozens of people registered to vote but then at a vacant lot and other such problems.  But suddenly we realized there was a very simple concept that no one was really looking at:

Did they count the votes for the Republican Candidate, Donald J Trump!?

As the team began to investigate more and more, we started to find not once or twice but often: Trump votes simply did not count!! Robert Gelt had a little background in software development and so came up with a concept to get Michiganders all looking into their own voting record by developing a simple yet powerful solution – and AuditYourVote.com was born!!

We have a phenomenal team of developers, in fact our lead developer worked for the DOD on several occasions and so we knew we had found our man!! They literally worked around the clock to produce Phase One of AuditYourVote.com within weeks! What should have taken a couple months was produced in three weeks!  We launched the site just in time for President Trumps Rally in Michigan on April 2nd and it was a huge success!  We found at least a dozen “Disappeared Votes” and every hour more come rolling in!  We don’t know just how many of these disappeared votes we will find but we need all of Michigan going to the site and checking!  Honestly we are expecting tens of thousands just be the percentages we are already seeing, there could have been 100,000 or more Trump votes that were not recorded (and remember this is only one method of auditing. If your vote was recorded as absentee but you know you voted in Public that vote very well could have been stolen from you or not counted at all.)

One of my favorite stories is about a woman who every year voted Democrat until this last election and “Surprise!” Her vote was not recorded!! She is ready and willing to sign an affidavit and publicly acknowledge THE 2020 ELECTION WAS BROKEN! DONALD TRUMP WON MICHIGAN WITHOUT A DOUBT!

If you check your vote and find either 1. Your vote was not recorded or, 2. Your vote was recorded Absentee but you voted in person – Please reach out to us and we will verify your findings before

AuditYourVote.com will have many new features coming out in the days to come.  If you see what an amazing service we have done for Michigan Please consider making a donation to help us support our efforts.  Without your donations we will not be able to continue.  So far Michiganders have been helpful but we still have a lot of money we need to spend, both for the Audit Your Vote website and the Petition.  To make a donation kindly click the “Donations” tab up above on this website. Thank you for your consideration!

Our team is fully committed to fixing the election that was stolen from our dear President Trump!  God Bless you and God IS Blessing America! He is going to fix this!!

More to come!

Robert and team.


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  1. Connie Masseau

    You’re doing a great job!

    • dcmi

      Thank you for the encouragement. its extremely hard work. but Michigan is behind us!! And so its enjoyable hard work!!


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