Who will fight for Michigan and our Country!?

by | Apr 16, 2022 | Recent News

by, Robert Gelt

Friends, the politicians continue to be the primary force publishing against our movement. I suppose I should not be surprised but I am. I am surprised by the many leaders even within our own movement who will not support us or support us half-heartedly. This continues to be the dialog among the politicians. It seems if they do not feel they personally are benefited by a movement or cause they simply will not support it or in many cases oppose it.

Many of you have asked me extremely important questions, like, “Why doesn’t _________ (fill in the GOP politicians name here) support DeCertifying the Election and what you are working so hard to accomplish?”  If there was an easy answer I promise I would give it. Truthfully, the Democrat Party doesn’t need to come against us, the GOP is doing a fine job by themselves. These are the questions we, Michiganders, need to be demanding of our leaders, “Why aren’t you supporting Decertifying the Fraudulent Election?”

Many Politicians will continue to repeat a dated rhetoric, “We still need to see proof.” If someone is running for office, especially within the GOP and repeating that old line over and over, in my opinion they are not fit for office. This is not a time to bury our heads in the sand and hope the nightmare goes away.  We need men of action! I say men because most the women I run into are fully engaged!  We need MEN of Action!!  Where is the courage and honor within the leaders of Michigan!?  Afraid to say the truth!? “All evil needs to win is for the good men to speak and do nothing.”

I will reward every single politician who has the guts to lead. Our movement will reward every politician, candidate and leader in the nation who chooses to speak the truth and lead this nation – but we are done enabling weakness, cowardice, complacency and deception. I, personally, am looking for a few good men.  Men of Honor.  Men of esteem and integrity. Yes. Politicians can do their job, win elections and have integrity. I will openly support these men and women who choose righteousness and truth in the face of adversity.  We need a entirely new American Leadership, Politics and Vision.

Simply put: Someone tried to steal our nation and install “their” executive branch of government. As the evidence continues to be revealed, they have been doing this for far too long. We have evidence they have been stealing elections since the 1990’s and possibly even before! There have been good men who have come along with vision and hope and love for our nation who ran for offices throughout the US and they were defrauded by our version of “Democracy”. Without free and fair elections there is NO DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC. Period.

This is the number one issue facing America today. If the politicians will not remedy the situation – DO NOT SUPPORT THEM.  Do not give them one dime of your money.  Do not go to their meetings and rally’s.  Do not promote them online. There are a few issues that will accelerate the demise of our nation – The Primary issue I see facing us today, WE MUST HAVE FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS.  We MUST Fix the stolen 2020 Election and our Election Systems.

More to come on the subject

For Michigan,
For America,

For my Children,

Robert Gelt.


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