The Huge and Widening GOP Division

by | Apr 23, 2022 | Recent News

by Robert Gelt

When I came up with the concept for this Decertification Petition I was naively thinking that this would be a unifying project for those among the Election Integrity world.  I thought we would finally have the kumbaya moment we have all been hoping and praying for in Michigan. There has not been one actual plan since Nov 3rd 2020 in our state to fix the stolen Presidential Election and restore Donald J Trump to his office – until this Decertify Petition.

I remain in shock and awe at how many in the “Election Integrity” movement have responded and I have come to realize the division in the GOP is greater than ever.  Without much effort we can see the widening gap especially since Nov 3rd , the two very opposed sides of the Republican Party now at war: those who support Donald J Trump and those who are adamantly opposed to him.

Those who are supporting this Decertification movement have entered the fray.

I was able to attend Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium.  The months following all that I learned there I presented several very viable plans to fixing this mess from the 2020 election to several career politicians throughout Michigan and beyond. I presented concepts of without giving away the farm, I presented concepts of the petition I wanted to write while still holding proprietary much of the plan – and it didn’t seem to matter who I talked with – no one among the Election Integrity world in Michigan was actually interested in solving the problem: just campaigning off of it, raising money using our hopes and fears against us, making names for themselves for their own political advancement. I was very open to being wrong about these big names, rich men and powerful career politicians but since I have launched my petition I realize they are far more cunning, deceiving and corrupt than I had thought!

The good news I have for you Michigan is that THE PEOPLE, the average everyday Michigander (and Yooper) wants 2020 restored to President Trump! What we are doing does not require the approval of those who have been ruling Michigan for the past decades – “We The People” can restore the President to his office.  This Ballot Initiative allows everyday Michiganders (and Yoopers) the expressed written right, per the Michigan constitution to enact law.  Once we get the 340,000 signatures, if the legislators do not pass the initiative, the bill will go to ballot. This is our chance Michigan to fix 2020 and restore to us what was stolen, returning our President to the White House!

The people of Michigan will hardly oppose us but be ready for the leaders, even among the GOP to say all kinds of crazy against the petition and our movement. Do not let me steal your focus or joy!!  WE THE PEOPLE are not going to lay back and let them steal our state and our nation – We have a viable plan – all we have to do now is GET IT DONE! We are calling for 600,000 signatures minimum. We have now printed more than 80,000 signatures sheets (at 9 signatures per sheet that is 630,000 signatures!) all that remains is for us to go out and get everyone to sign!!

Without free and fair elections, WE THE PEOPLE do not vote in who we want to lead us. Without free and fair elections, the rich, the powerful, the thieves, the career politicians, liars and deceivers will continue to rule us and sell out our country – just as they have for the past 30 plus years!! How much has China bought of our nation under their watch!?  How much of our rights have the federal government trampled on and squashed under their watch!? How much worse does it have to get in our schools!? What is the next horror they are going to force on us like they did during Covid with that crazy, experimental gene-therapy!? I have read the end of the Bible and it truly looks like the world we are living in!!  But I am not a fatalist. God is good.  He never intended for us to suffer under the thumb of these wicked men.

We must not lose our focus.  We must not let the fake news and bad press get to us. is proving THEY STOLE AND DID NOT COUNT TRUMP VOTES! We can prove it now beyond the shadow of a doubt. Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary is coming out with all the footage showing the ballot harvesting in Michigan and throughout the US. We have the best evidence ever, some criminals stole the White House from us – worse than that they have been stealing elections for more than 30 years and we have evidence for that too! Our petition is the beginning stages of WE THE PEOPLE taking back our nation and finally electing the people who will actually speak for Michigan and America!

We have more good news. Law enforcement is starting to get involved. We are aware of several investigations going on statewide. Now even though that is great news and helps our effort we still need the signatures!  This petition IS The Legal Remedy to fix the stolen election. Without the signatures by the end of May understand, we have no remedy to put Trump back into office.  Should this all go to court this could be a legal battle that could last years! And by then there is no telling how much damage the current administration can do!? This petition is THE REMEDY to restore our President to us!

Lets stay focused. We can do this Michigan!
Do not let the nay-sayers steal our focus and joy!!

We are about to make History!!
Its up to us Michigan.

For the saving of the nation,

Yours in the fray,

Robert Gelt



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